Melasma Cream

melasma creamMelasma cream is one way the condition may be treated.  Melasma cream usually contains hydroquinone that is based in this bleaching agent.  Hydroquinone is currently an FDA approved over the counter drug.  However, it can lead to permanent de-pigmentation and increase photosensitivity, which can also trigger melasma or chloasma.  Hydroquinone is actually coming under new scrutiny, so it is not clear if the drug will continue to be available as a treatment.  As of now, it is typically available as an over the counter lightening cream in 2% form or as a stronger prescription formula with 4% hydroquinone.

Melasma cream may also contain hydroquinone related elements such as arbutin and kojic acid.  These types of substances are being increasingly used as they are better tolerated than hydroquinone and fall into popular melasma treatments.  Arbutin is extracted from the leaves of the bearberry Uva ursi.  Ascorbi acid and its derivatives can be found in the vitamin C of citrus fruits.  Kojic acid comes from carbohydrate solutions under the effect of some bacteria.  Even licorice extract from licorice root can be made into a melasma cream.

Even though these substances are soluble in water, they are not as effective in small amounts; therefore, they need to be used in higher concentrations in order to reach the deeper levels of the skin and the melanocytes, skin pigment cells, in the basal membrane.  Furthermore, they may be unstable in some formulas.  A substance such as arbutin may need longer application periods than the quantity of hydroquinone required to be effective.

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Natural based melasma cream options

Many botanical based ingredients may also be used in a melasma cream to help reduce minor skin discoloration, brighten the skin tone or even out the skin tone.  A plant extract called rumex occidentalis extract is also being tested to discover its effectiveness as a melanin synthesis inhibitor or a tyrosinase inhibitor.  It is hoped that this extract eliminates the undesired side effects found in substances such as hydroquinone.

There are many topical applications used as melasma cream such as Dermology, Revitol Skin Lightener and Skinbright Skin Brightener.  Both Dermology and the Revitol cream has advanced levels of arbutin and gigawhite.  The Skinbright melasma cream combines high levels of gentle lightening agents such as arbutin and kojic acid.  This melasma cream also contains several moisturizing agents.  In fact, the Skinbright brand boasts that this cream is all natural.

Melasma Cream Recommendations

A melasma cream should not contain substances such as mercury.  However, naturally occurring substances such as alpha and beta arbutin, azaelaic acid, gigawhite, glutathione or kojic acid may be the least harmful and cause the least damage to the skin if any.  A melasma cream that also contains moisturizer or exfoliating agents are also desirable.

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