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Melasma Treatments and CuresIf your natural beauty is hidden behind melasma, you are not alone in seeking the best melasma treatment.  About six million people in the US alone currently have this particular skin condition but only ten percent of those people are men.  Melasma is patches of dark skin on your face, usually affecting your cheeks, forehead, your jaw line, and the area around your mouth, including your lips.  Many times, the patches are symmetrical and found in the exact same spots on each side of your face.  Some things that may cause melasma are estrogen supplements, pregnancy, genetics, and even birth control pills.  The most common trigger of melasma is overexposure to sunlight.

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Treating your melasma

There are many different melasma treatments available for people with this skin condition.  Check with your doctor first because each person is different, but probably the best melasma treatment available is skin lightening creams.  The most common cream prescribed is called hydroquinone.  This can be bought over the counter, in low concentration, or prescribed by your doctor.  There are other skin brightening formulas intended to treat your melasma which can be purchased without prescription. One of the most popular being SkinBright from Premium Naturals LLC.

If skin-lightening creams are not working, the next best melasma treatment is called laser resurfacing.  This is a procedure done by a doctor, where he will burn the melasma off with a laser.  Laser resurfacing has its advantages because it can be done fairly quickly and can also eliminate the melasma with just one treatment and cause it to disappear for several years.  A method that is similar to laser resurfacing is called IPL or Intense Pulse Light Therapy.  A doctor uses intense light beams to burn off the melasma.  This method is not as strong as laser resurfacing, so it may take a few treatments to get rid of your skin condition.  However, it does not have harmful side effects of the laser resurfacing, it is less painful, and does not require any time to recover.

Home remedies for melasma treatment

If you are more into natural ways to treat your condition, you can try a few things, as well.  One thing you can try is vinegar.  Use half water and half vinegar to rinse and cleanse your face and allow it to air dry.  Vinegar is an acid and can whiten and brighten your skin while also making it smoother.  Another natural method people have used is onion juice.  Chop up an onion and either blend it or squeeze out the juice using cheesecloth.  Mix the onion juice equally with apple cider vinegar and use a cotton ball to apply it to your face twice a day.  Lemon juice has also been known to have the same effects as vinegar because it, too, is an acid and can safely cause dark skin to fade in color.

Congratulations, your natural beauty is about to resurface! Be sure to ask your doctor which treatment may be the best melasma treatment for you because every person is different so each person will react differently and may have different results.

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